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Volunteer Recognition

We appreciate the efforts of all Appalachian Trail volunteers! These extraordinary individuals donate 200,000 hours of work every year.

monthly volunteer recognition

Highlighting the contributions of Appalachian Trail volunteers who work in the field or behind the scenes to protect,
manage, and maintain the Trail and provide inspiration and education to others.

Kim Peters

August 2018

Marge Fish

July 2018

Shalin Desai

June 2018

Steve Weissman

April 2018

Ron MacLean

December 2017

Matthew Vaughan

November 2017

Artie Hidalgo

October 2017

Judy McGuire

August 2017

Dan Firth

July 2017

Gail Lehman

June 2017

Pam Underhill and James Smyle

May 2017

Fred Tutman

March 2017

Diana Christopulos

February 2017

Ron Bungay

January 2017

Doug DeJarnette

December 2016

Kayla Carter

November 2016

Jim Fetig

October 2016

Tom Gorrill

August 2016

Ted Mowery

July 2016

Robert Snyder and Mary Berryhill

June 2016

yearly volunteer recognition

Jim Mowbray

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Phyllis Henry

More Info

Elsa Sanborn

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Larry Ely

More Info

Dick Barrick and Dick Redfield

More Info

Anne Maio

More Info

Don O’Neal

More Info

Steve Smith

More Info

Laurie Foot

More Info

Lawson Herron

More Info

Dick Blake

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Bill Rogers

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Clark Wright

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