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strengthened capacity & operational excellence

Create a financial foundation and the organizational capacity to ensure long-term success.

I. Outcome: ​Membership & Development Revenue grows from $​3.​2 million in 2013 to $​5.3 million by 2019.


  1. Increase membership from 43,000 to 60,000+ by 2019.
  2. Concentrate fundraising efforts on qualified donors/prospects in the major donor, corporate and foundation categories.
  3. Strengthen the commitment to fundraising by the staff, Board and partners of the ATC.
  4. Enhance revenue by leveraging the A.T., ATC and National Park Service brands.
  5. Evaluate revenue streams for growth potential.

II. Outcome:
The endowment - the David N. Startzell Stewardship Fund's – Total Net Assets are increased from $3.6 million in 2013 to $8.3 million by 2019.


  1. Develop and implement a Planned Giving Program by the end of 2016.
  2. Evaluate the potential for a Capital/Endowment Campaign by the end of 2017.

III. Outcome:
Investments are made in the ATC to strengthen organizational capacity.

  1. Develop and execute a staffing plan to ensure successful implementation of the new Strategic Plan.
  2. Develop and begin to implement an information technology strategy by the end of 2016.
  3. Develop a capital investment plan by the end of 2015.
  4. Improve internal communications to enhance organizational productivity.
  5. Invest in staff through training programs.

Accomplishments in 2015


In order to provide advice on programs and expand fundraising potential, we created the ATC Advisory Circle in 2015. This diverse group of individuals provides expertise, leadership, and outreach on behalf of the organization in order to fulfill the ATC’s mission. More than $300,000 was added to the David N. Startzell Stewardship Fund (the ATC’s endowment) as well as almost $300,000 to the ATC Lands Fund, which is designated for land transactions and improvements.

We also defined and filled fundraising positions for both an ATC foundations officer and corporate/events officer to help position the ATC to exceed revenue expectations in 2015 and in the coming years.


A five-year capital plan was created, which will help the ATC plan for its future facility and equipment needs as our organization and programs grow. We also began work on the ATC’s five-year Information Technologies plan, which is vital in order to understand what tools are necessary for staff to achieve its five year Strategic Plan goals.

We learned from staff what our overall internal communication needs were and will be developing a standard operating procedures manual. We will also focus our attention on a new financial system that will more effectively allow the ATC to budget for and track programs as outlined in our Strategic Plan. Our current financial system had not been updated since 2005. As we’ve grown, our needs and the needs of our partners have changed, therefore, a system that allows us to effectively report to all of our stakeholders in an efficient way is a major priority.