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engaged partners

Engage and maintain a network of partners that reinforces ATC’s goals for the A.T. and its programs.

I. Outcome: ATC assists all 31 Clubs in meeting their commitments to management of the Trail and its facilities as described in each Club’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the ATC.


  1. Invest in volunteer-leadership development, strong and credible volunteer training, and volunteer recognition for Trail management.
  2. Strengthen the capacity of the Clubs to meet their Trail stewardship goals.
  3. Maintain up-to-date, realistic, and comprehensive MOUs and Local Management Plans with all Clubs.

II. Outcome:
The ATC partnership with APPA continues to be a strong and vital relationship and the “cooperative management system” with all primary federal, state, municipal, and private partners whose work is essential to the management of the A.T. is strengthened and maintained.


  1. Work closely with APPA to use its Foundation Document and Business Plan to advance mutual goals for the A.T.
  2. Utilize ​relevant National Park Service initiatives to advance mutual NPS/ATC priorities.
  3. Renew or implement management agreements with all primary federal, state, municipal, and private partners.
  4. Further enhance ATC relationships with state and local partners that have a role in A.T. management and protection.

III. Outcome:
Relationships with Appalachian Trail Communities are strengthened to support ATC’s future program priorities.

  1. Work closely with the established Appalachian Trail Communities to enhance the effectiveness of the program.
  2. Leverage the network of Appalachian Trail Communities for the benefit of the ATC, Trail users, Clubs and the communities.
  3. Stimulate the involvement of the Clubs and other partners in Appalachian Trail Community activities.

Accomplishments in 2015

Through continued training opportunities, consistent communication, and the support of the initiatives of our 31 Trail maintaining clubs’ work with A.T. Communities and new audiences, we strive to ensure the strong beating heart and vibrant soul of our volunteer corps.

In 2015, we hosted and led the  rst A.T. Community summit, pulling together representatives from 25 of the 38 designated A.T. Communities. The summit served to deepen community engagement with the A.T. cooperative management system.

We also worked to renew agreements between Trail clubs and the ATC to re-affirm their shared commitment to the A.T. These agreements are critical to ensuring consistent management of the Trail.